Breakout Session 2

2:00-3:00 P.M.

2A | Libraries (Academic or School) and English Language Learners (DARTMOUTH ROOM)     Presentation Material     Handout

Rukmal Ryder (Salem State University – Library Media Studies Program Faculty and Simmons College Continuing Education Instructor) and Mia L. Morgan (Salem State University Library Media Studies Program Faculty)

What does a library that is inclusive to ELL students look like? What concepts and experiences do we need to know or gain to be excellent librarians for all students?

2B | Safety and Belonging in the Academic Library: Leveraging Interdepartmental Partnerships and Using Ethnographic Research to Discuss Racism, Exclusion and Student Identity (SALON C)     Presentation Material     Handout

Sarah Hutton (Head, Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Services, University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Carol Will (Learning Commons Coordinator, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Services, University Libraries), Vanesa Giraldo (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Anthropology), and Elena Sesma (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Anthropology)

This panel will highlight an ongoing partnership between the UMass Amherst Libraries and Anthropology Department, discussing the use of participatory research methods to create rich narratives of how students are using our library space, services, and technology. Along with an overview of our collaboration, two graduate students from one of these Anthropology courses will discuss their findings on safety and inclusion, and identity for students of color in the libraries and on campus.

2C | Dismantling Silos to Build Robust Shared Print Projects (HAWTHORNE ROOM)     Presentation Material #1     Presentation Material #2     Presentation Material #3

Anna Perricci (Project Manager, Eastern Academic Scholars' Trust), Ruth Fischer (Senior Product Manager OCLC), and Matthew Revitt (Special Collections and Maine Shared Collection Librarian, University of Maine) 

We need creative, strategic approaches to break down institutional silos and build robust, sustainable shared print initiatives. This panel will provide insights on innovative shared print programs and tools with a focus on the Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust (EAST), Maine Shared Collections Cooperative (MSCC), and Sustainable Collection Services (SCS).

2D | Physical, Virtual, and Instructional: Universal Design at the Shapiro Library (SALON D)     Presentation Material

Joshua Becker (Information Literacy and Assessment Librarian, Southern New Hampshire University), Chris Cooper (Digital Initiatives Librarian, Southern New Hampshire University), and Jennifer Harris (Emerging Technology and Systems Librarian, Southern New Hampshire University)

Three librarians from the Shapiro Library will present their own perspectives on integrating Universal Design into library services.

2E | A New Approach to Incorporating and Crediting Sources: Playlists vs. Mashups (SALON B)     Presentation Material     Handout #1     Handout #2

Jennifer Fielding (Coordinator of Library Services, Lawrence Campus - Northern Essex Community College)

Student writing skills are often siloed across departments, with the library consigned to teaching (among other things) “how to cite.” This alternative approach makes connections between the mechanics of citation and writing strategies themselves, providing a framework for students to improve their research, writing and critical thinking skills, and creating opportunities for collaboration with campus partners such as Writing Centers and tutors.

2F | Design Thinking: A User-Centered Way to Develop Library Services (SALON A)     Presentation Material     Handout

Michael Fosmire (Professor and Head Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Technology Division, Purdue University Libraries), Brendan O'Connell (Instructional Technology Librarian, Smith College Libraries), Sarah Lippincott (Program Director, Library Publishing Coalition)

Design Thinking has revolutionized the field of engineering in the past decade, focusing on identifying needs, rapid prototyping, and evaluating success of potential solutions. As technology allows for endless customization, design thinking provides a non-technical, but robust structure for nimble innovation in any field. This hands-on, interactive session will introduce the principles of design thinking and show how they can be applied to the development of new library services and spaces.

2G | Making Connections: An Integrated Approach to Media Support at Bowdoin’s Media Commons (FROST ROOM)

Judy Montgomery (Associate Librarian, Bowdoin College), Carmen Mattei Greenlee (Humanities and Media Librarian, Bowdoin College), and Kevin Travers (Academic Multimedia Producer & Consultant, Bowdoin College) 

Fueled by expanded use of film and ubiquitous access to mobile devices for media capture/production, the Library and IT have experienced a surge in requests for assistance with media-related activities and calls for improved, accessible screening and production facilities. Focusing on the convergence of media and technology, the Media Commons, a newly constructed center located in the Library, brings together the collections, technology, staff expertise, services, and facilities to support viewing, studying, creating, and manipulating media. This presentation will introduce attendees to the integrated approach Bowdoin College used to address these needs, using video to add faculty and student perspectives.